I Want My Boyfriend to Spend More Alone Time With Me! These Steps Will Make That Happen for You

One of the most common fights among couples is when the girl insists that the man should spend more time with her rather than his male buddies. Women have this notion that a good man is supposed to spend more time with her than any other people in his social circle. Of course, there’s a grain of truth in this, but how could you subtly make him spend alone time with you?

You’re the prey and he’s supposed to be the predator.
And it shouldn’t be the other way around – men like to chase, they like to feel that they’ve won something in order for them to feel proud about that achievement. If you want him to be with you most of the time, then you’ve got to learn how to make him fish for one tiny detail at a time.

It’s not all about you.
How do you usually spend a date? Do you just watch a chick flick all the time? You have to consider his feelings and wants, too, so the next time you spend time with him, suggest doing something that HE would like to do.

Every date has to be memorable.
So you want more alone time with him? Then better make him drool for your next date. You can only do this if you make each of your dates worth his time and effort. Make him relax and have fun each time and he’ll keep wanting to spend more time with you.

Be the cool girlfriend or wife.
Once a man feels any kind of strain, he’s as good as gone. Be cool about your relationship. For as long as you know that he’s not cheating, then let him go to his friends and co-workers. Let him have fun without you. Only then will he want to spend more alone time with you. this is the secret formula that not a lot of women are willing to try.

Know how to reinvent so he won’t get bored with you.
If he sees the same you each time then he won’t feel anymore thrills. Learn to experiment with your hair and makeup. If you have to clean up your wardrobe, then do so. Explore all the possible styles that could work for you. When boredom’s at bay, then a man would love to spend more alone time.

Be his loveliest girlfriend ever.
Since you want him to spend more time with you, then you have to make everything worth his effort and time. Be pleasant to look at – if you could come up to pretty then it would be much more worth it. Let him see that you know how to choose the right clothes and that you’re clean and fresh-smelling all the time.

Have a winning personality.
Most of the time, it’s not all about the looks. Guys How to be creative would want to spend more time with a girl who’s always positive about every aspect in her life.


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