7 Steps to Improve Your Google Maps Ranking

In this age of technology and the internet, having a website and marketing it online is pivotal in making any business succeed. And acquiring top rankings is one essential factor in operating a website, especially for a business trying to make its way into search engines. Most probably you are wondering how the top sites in search engines get to that specific ranking and how you could get top rankings as well. You wouldn’t have come across this article if you didn’t.

These high ranked sites don’t just get there for simply being the best there is. They are in such rankings for the very reason that these sites have adapted, followed and stuck to a system that search engines have been keen on; giving these websites a higher and better ranking.

This system follows seven (7) essential steps that will be very beneficial for marketing of a website that will result to your desirable gains, but only if executed and maintained properly. This will simply help your site come from nowhere to being one of the “Top 5” of the search engine rankings.

We covered how to get a Google Maps Listing in the video get a Google Maps Listing on thecustomercompass.com and in my article of the same title here in EzineArticles.com. Follow these seven key steps to have a better ranking, specifically for Google Maps Listing.

The first most important thing you can do is claim and verify your listing. The second is to be sure that your location information is correct.

Go to your Google account by logging in your account username and password to the Local Business Center page. Once you have logged in, choose the listing you want to edit.
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Make sure that the description you have posted has the specific information of what your business provides: keywords, where the service area is, and what is close to it or its landmarks. Keywords which specify particular details of your business or site could also be placed in your title together with the company organization name and its hours of operation. The next thing to do is properly categorize your listing. The first one is the most important and it is pre-programmed for you. There is a maximum of five categories which you have to make sure are filled up.

The fifth most important key is your location and how Google sees your location compared to where it sees the city center. Having your location not far away from the city center is a plus. But if your location is further away from the city center, you can counter act that by doing these other key steps. The sixth most important thing to do is to get validation of business information with third party providers, such as local online directories.

Now visit thecustomercompass.com and click on the recommendations, from here click on the universal business listing. This will take you to the universal listing page, which is a one stop shop where you can enter your information one time and it will spread your information all over the place. And what I mean is all local directories available online. All you have to do is just enter your information in one time and it will keep these information updated by logging in and updating it anytime. Though this service is $30 a year, it’s well worth it. You can see more about the universal listing by clicking on watch video on the recommendations page. This is a 7-minute video that gives you information on going through the whole process.


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